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Battery System Monitoring

A battery system monitor that tells you what your system is doing is essential
in an rv, boat or off-grid application.

First off, batteries are expensive to replace as well as heavy to lug around.

We have over two tons of Trojan T-105 batteries here - did I get your attention.
They weigh about sixty-five pounds each, which is the most I can carry.
The last ones we purchased cost around $ 110.00 each with sales tax.

I can not afford to play fast and loose with the welfare of our batteries - my
wallet and back won't allow it.

There are a number of systems available but I can only speak of the TriMetrics
made by Bogart Engineering, Inc. here in California.

We have been selling and using these for several years.

These are the older TM-2020 models over my desk.

bogart engineering tri-metric 2020   

A shunt is required to allow the monitor to count the amps and direction of current flow.

Deltec 500 amp shunt

This type of monitoring system does something that battery voltage and specific gravity can not do.
It tells you the current state of charge of your batteries moment by moment as well as how many amps
and their direction (charge or dis-charge) in your system.

to be continued